Saturday, February 11, 2017

Games Workshop: New Warhammer 40K - Alien Deathworld Scenery Pre-Order

Games Workshop launched the pre-order for their Warhammer 40K - Alien Deathworld Scenery boxed set. Take your miniature battles to these deadly science fiction alien jungles!

Deadly, menacing and bizarre, forest deathworlds are attritional battle zones. When a soldier fights on one, they have to withstand not only the vicious artillery of the foe, but the horrifying cluster-vines, crystal shards and strange relics add an extra layer of unimaginable danger. Shardwrack spines form impenetrable barriers over the millennia, barbed venomgorse and grapple weed snake insidiously toward any living being, pumping them full of debilitating neurotoxin and eldritch ruins resonate with the psychic energies of their long-passed creators. Where there grows a deathworld forest, nothing is safe.

This 84-component multi-part plastic kit contains the parts needed to build a Deathworld Forest, complete with rules for each component. The shardwrack spines, barbed venomgorse, eldritch ruins and grapple weed can be modelled in any way you like – create your own unique forest with multiple kits! 

This Warhammer 40K - Alien Deathworld Jungle Scenery can now be pre-ordered with a 20% discount at  Element Games here and Wayland Games here

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