Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fantasy Flight Games: RuneWars - Fantasy Miniature Booster Packs

Fantasy Flight Games: Waiqar’s dark forces have crossed into Terrinoth, and the first battles of the next great war will soon be fought among the mountain passes, fertile plains, and verdant forests of the realm. As both sides jockey for position, they send out calls for reinforcements to join them on the front lines…

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce four new expansion packs for Runewars Miniatures Game. These are now also available here for discounted pre-order

- Oathsworn Cavalry Unit Expansion
- Daqan Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion
- Reanimate Archers Unit Expansion
- Waiqar Infantry Command Unit Upgrade Expansion

As your army grows, each of these expansions gives you a different way to grow the forces of the Daqan Lords or Waiqar the Undying. The two unit expansions contain enough figures to field a unit of Oathsworn Cavalry or Reanimate Archers, identical to the units in the Runewars Core Set, but offering new upgrade cards and allowing you to field larger armies on the battlefield. Then, you can increase your command over the forces of Terrinoth or the undead with two unit upgrade expansions. Each unit upgrade expansion offers a wealth of upgrade cards and four figures that can be added to an infantry formation to greatly increase that unit’s power.

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