Thursday, January 19, 2017

White Tree: Afterglow Wastelanders Starter Set Reviewed!

Venture into the post apocalyptic world of Afterglow and field these Wastelanders as they attempt to survive in a savage, barren and deadly world. Check guest blogger RedGobbo's opinion on these miniatures below

Afterglow Wastelanders Starter Set was on of my christmas presents. It was my first contact with Afterglow Miniatures and I was so positively surprised I decided to create this little review. I am not affiliated with the manufacturer in any way beside that we are living in the same country. So please don't treat this as an advertisement. I think this boxed set has a really nice "post apocalyptic" vibe and some of you may be interested in learning more about these White Tree Afterglow miniatures. All the pictures were taken by phone so some of them are a bit blurry. 

I believe Afterglow is skirmish post apocalyptic game with free rules. I will use my new Wastelanders as a part of Caraveneers and Raiders warbands for TNT but if you are interested you can read more about Afterglow here

The Wastelanders Boxed Set

So back to the starter set, box looks pretty standard. Inside the boxed set you find five miniatures, each in separate plastic zip bag, 5 standard round 25mm bases (same as Games Workshop) and two pieces of foam for protection. It would be a nice idea to add a flyer with basic information about the actual game and the faction.

I have almost zero experience with resin miniatures, I always prefered metal miniatures and always considered resin as a bit to fragile. Having no comparison I can't judge quality but I haven't found any air bubbles, miscast etc. The sculpting quality looks really nice and miniatures are very detailled. In Wastelanders Set you will find 1 x Tradesman, 1 x Pit Fighter and 3 x Wastelander Looter (3 different variants).

Tradesman is the reason I wanted this set, this guy will be my TNT Caravaneers leader. I especially love the backpack part. The umbrella piece looks like inspired by old Copplestone/Grenadier Scavenger Gentleman. The Pit Fighter is my least favourite miniature from this set but it will still be a nice addition to my Raiders warband/gang. The three looters are also neat sculpts which can be used in various post apocalyptic games/warbands. Price for the Wastelanders Set is €36,25 or £32,25 and is I think pretty standard. You can find it in the official manufacturer's webstore here

Scale comparison

I also added some scale comparison pictures, on the far left you will find Afterglow miniature and then (from left to right): Copplestone Savage (Grenadier), Necromunda Cawdor Ganger (Games Workshop), old Warzone miniature (don't remember the name), Warhammer 40k Catachan Jungle Fighter (Games Workshop), Neuroshima Tactics Ranger.

Disclaimer - This review was written and illustrated by RedGobbo and approved by Wargame News and Terrain as being honest, independent and interesting for our readers. This reviewer isn't affiliated with White Tree, the written review reflects the personal opinion of the original writer.

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