Tuesday, January 31, 2017

War Layer: New War Layer 3D Printable Science Fiction Terrain

War Layer: War Layer is a brand new collection of modular 3d printable sci-fi wargaming terrain. The printed models slot together without the need for tools or adhesive. All of the models can be reconfigured and played in an infinite amount of ways for an endless world. Check the Kickstarter here

I’ve been working in 3d printing for several years and have over 100k downloads of my designs on Thingiverse. What I’m aiming to do is turn my love for the hobby and printing into something more serious. Your support is the first step. By contributing you will receive all the stls in your reward which are drm free. The Scenery - All models are designed specifically for single extrusion 3d printing and should not require any support material or structures. 

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