Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Ion Age: Free January MacCauld Winter Desteria Knight

The Ion Age: Welcome to the New Year and to 2017! Our forty first month sees IMP41 Baron MacCauld a character super heavy Desteria Knight in winter garb (worth 1.00GBP) free in every order placed this month. 

Read the article for more information here and what is coming this month. We have a new 50% off month long will be of interest to Desteria fans. Remember you also get Reward Points with all orders through your account with us which you can use for discounts or free stuff. 15mm Space Opera awesome in wargaming. Thanks and this year the Khanate Empire returns! GBS

“Welcome to the the new year!  The seventeenth of the new millennium.  We are in the future we are in the years in which the awesome movies of the 1980's were set (have a look online for 2017 to see what I mean).  It is going to be a big year for my little Ion Age in which we expect a new book or two plus new aliens, humans, vehicles and much more.  But first and as always on the first of a new month we have a new free miniature for the month and this time it is a Desteria Knight in super heavy Noblesse powered armour who is a fine character commander for your Prydian Army or Marcher Baron or League forces in the Prydian Civil War.  Happy New Year from all of us here in Scotland!”

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