Friday, January 20, 2017

Nexus Miniatures: Discounted Sharp Distinction Pre-Order

Nexus Miniatures: Now the Red Sector Models are well on the way to being completely re-printed (anyone who's spoken to me knows the full story - promises broken by the printing service and terrible quality) it's time to focus a little more attention on the new Sharp Distinction range, that will be off to printing as soon as I am happy with the Red Sector re-prints.

Excellent sculpts by our own Art Master General, the interest has been brisk - and I'm hoping it generates enough interest to warrant expanding the range (hopefully straight away with the Star Spawn). The Sharp Distinction Pre-Order Page will remain live until the 3D Printing is complete and I'm happy with it - then the pre-orders will end, and the prices will increase to full retail. Anyone wishing to "add-on" to an existing Sharp Distinction pre-order should contact me at and I'll created an add-on free shipping code for you!

The start of the SHARP DISTINCTION Range

Investigators Set #1 - Pre-Order Price £7.65 (RRP £9.00)
Cultists Starter Set - Pre-Order Price £19.00 (RRP £22.50)
The Real Ghost-Facers - Pre-Order Price £11.45 (RRP £13.50)
Mi-Go Footsoldier - Pre-Order Price £6.35 (RRP £7.50)
Deep-Ones Set #1 - Pre-Order Price £14.00 (RRP £16.50)
Return to Minnow Island: Adventure Pack #1 - Pre-Order Price £36.00 (RRP £42.50)
Avatar of Nyalarthotep - Pre-Order Price £6.35 (RRP £7.50)

SHARP DISTINCTION DEALS (Saving you even more Money!)

Sharp Distinction: The "Dreamlands Deal" - Pre-Order Price £95.00
"Deep One Coven" Pack - Pre-Order Price £26.50
"Mi-Go Patrol" Pack - Pre-Order Price £17.50 

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