Saturday, January 21, 2017

Knights of Dice: New Near Future Cyber Punk - Neo Sentry: Easy District Scenery - Must See!

Knights of Dice: Our brand new near-future, Bladerunner/Cyber Punk inspired range 'Neo Sentry: Easy District', is now available for pre-orders (orders will ship 1/2/17)

We wanted to approach our first foray into sci-fi a little differently than what is already out there on the market, so decided on the Akira/Ghost in the Shell/Blade Runner lived in sort of retrofitted future look rather than the pre-fab clean lined structures that are so prevalent. 

We've tried to make the kits more playable also, with ladders, fire escapes, balconies and all sorts of nooks and corners to hide in. The initial range has 5 buildings, all with interior access and additional floor kits available to stack them as tall as you'd like. Also available are a bunch of detailing widget kits that can be used to super detail your buildings, or to add to existing kits in your collection to sci-fi them up a bit. A sci-fi range is something we've been wanting to do for a long time, and we're super happy with how the initial range has turned out and excited to expand from here. Hope you like it!

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