Sunday, January 29, 2017

Gobbo Town Games: Science Fiction AEON2 Wargame Rules

Gobbo Town Games: Now available at the Wargame Vault, AEON2.  A science fiction ruleset for 15 and 28mm for the mature wargamer.  No OP! No Cheese! Pure Action!  

Throwing different dice, during gameplay, helps you tell the story.  A fog of war philosophy keeps the player guessing at what his troops will exactly do and keep him guessing what the enemy player will do.  Your men don't always carry out your commands to the letter.  You will issue general orders, your commanders will interpret them to their abilities and issue orders to the units. 

A fast paced game where the advantage of play bounces from one side to the other every phase.  The game even ends at a random point in the future, so giving the sense of urgency right to the end.  Once you play the game a few times, most players don't need the book to play!  The WarDice become the rules! WarDice are needed to play WarDice.  See the gobbo market for more information here

Check these new rules at The Wargame Vault  here 

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