Sunday, January 8, 2017

Crooked Dice: Brand New 7TV: The 1967 Annual Bundle Deals

Crooked Dice: Get all new profiles, rules, episodes, gadgets and a campaign system in the 7TV2 1967 Annual ! This fabulous compendium to house all manner of superb new 7TV content.

The Annual is available as a PDF, so you can read it and print out all the cards for immediate use. We’re also printing it as a softback 64 page book, and printing the cards which will be available as a deck of 73 full-size cards and 16 half-size cards. The printed book and cards can be pre-ordered right now. If you preorder the book and the cards, in our Mega Deal you save money and get the PDF right now for free! For full details of the contents, deals and delivery dates – or simply pre-order - just go the pre-order page

If you take the combined PDF, book and cards Mega Deal you can also choose from any or all of the following 3 miniature Add-On deals, for the additional costs indicated.

Daredevil Deal: 6x Daredevil Models, 1x Dare Pilot Head Sprue £10
St. Searle’s Deal: 1x Savage Schoolgirls 1 and 2 (8 models) £15
Crime Deal: 1x Gang of Thugs and 1x Criminal Firm (9 models) £20

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