Saturday, December 3, 2016

Otherworld Miniatures: Judges Guild 'Dark Tower' Characters

Otherworld Miniatures released these new fantasy miniatures for roleplaying and wargaming the Judges Guild 'Dark Tower'.

I'm about to take delivery of castings for our next wave of releases for the Judges Guild 'Dark Tower' range. Normally, I would not add them to our webstore until we have photos of painted models to show off, but I'm only too aware of the rapid approach of Christmas, and thought that some of you might welcome the opportunity to get your hands on them as early as possible. So, they're on sale now, with a predicted released date of Weds 7th December, but we might manage to shave a day or 2 off that schedule. This is what I've just added to the webstore:

JGDT6 - Balaar the Shaker, a monstrous Lesser Son of Set, part snake, part crocodile, part human.
JGDT7 - White Tower Gnomes, 5 doughty Gnome Warriors, armed with sword, bow and Warhammer.
JGDT8 - Haffrung Helleyes, the 3 bodies which are habitually occupied by the evil magic user.
JGDT9 - Avvakris, in his dual roles of merchant baron and high priest of Set.

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