Saturday, December 31, 2016

Megalith Games: Enter The Godslayer Arena - New Fantasy Gladiators Previewed

Megalith Games announced the launch of the Godslayer Wave Two and Godslayer Battle Box Kickstarter in April featuring the following mercenary characters among many other new miniatures!

Megalith Games previewed the following mercenary miniatures for the Gladiator Subfaction of their fantasy skirmish game Godslayer set in the fantasy bronze age realm of Calydorn. Each Gladiator will have access to use one or more special talents called gladiator combat moves. the gladiator subfaction will be 95% characters with only 1-2 units. Each gladiator will have 3 profile cards with different skill levels of Gladiator, Veteranus and Primus. Second of the Godslayer mercenary characters for the upcoming Kickstarter is Korax.  Korax Stormsword hails from the Tokarian tribes of the Kalla-Kush mountains on the continent of Kassobar. A Rudiarius is a gladiator who has won his freedom through outstanding success in the arena. 

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