Saturday, December 10, 2016

Grand Arcanum Games: The Roots of Magic: Students of Sorcery 85% Funded With 4 Days to Go!

Grand Arcanum Games: Things have been progressing well in the first Roots of Magic KS! We are close to reaching our funding goal, and have unlocked some cool Demon models for use in scenario games of the Roots of Magic. These models will also be useable with certain characters yet to be revealed (but they will be very soon ;)).

If you have not already done so, or have been looking for a reason to come on board, we have some truly monstrous models and characters being spoiled in the next few days. The game is entering an exciting new phase; many more model options could soon be available, yet the game retains its easy to learn and play feeling. 

Please come and support the Roots of Magic, and help to realise the deep and rich background of the game, and of course make loads of cool new models! Check the kickstarter here

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