Friday, November 4, 2016

Warlord Games: Doctor Who - Into the Time Vortex Plastic Dalek Sprues

Warlord Games launched the Doctor Who - Into the Time Vortex website to support the upcoming launch of the Doctor Who - Into the Time Vortex miniature wargame featuring the daring Doctors, their companions and nefarious adversaries!

Thanks for visiting this new website dedicated to our new Doctor Who game and its growing range of miniatures. We'll be posting up news and work-in-progress as the game takes shape, so sign up to our Time Vortex newsletter to make sure you're always up to date!

All around the Warlord offices there have been cries of "Ex-ter-minate!" Our Time Agents investigated and discovered this - one of the first test sprues of the forthcoming plastic Dalek models. As you can see, they come in 3 parts that snap together - no glue needed!

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