Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rocket Miniatures: Modular Sci-Fi Dungeon Moulds Kickstarter

Rocket Miniatures: Sci-Fi Dungeon is a modular scenery with endless convinations. Here you have possibility to acquire It in the format of moulds. Check the Kickstarter here

Hi friends we are here again to present to you the new Sci-Fi Dungeon. Because your suggestions, we have decided to offer it to you in a new format, with more combination possibilities. This time, on one hand, we´ve made it easier for you to get it; on the other hand, you have three different ways to do it each with their own kickstarter campaign for funding.

 1. High quality resin pieces, almost indestructible.  
 2. Moulds, for you to make your own Sci-Fi Dungeon pieces using your favourite material.  
 3.    Printable 3D files, so you can create endless sceneries.  

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