Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mountain Miniatures: The End of Times Kickstarter - Modern Investigators and Nefarious Horrors

Mountain Miniatures launched their The End of Times Kickstarter to fund a miniature range of modern investigators and nefarious horrors sculpted by Ian Mountain.

The End of Times! is a miniature range set in the near future where brave investigators are attempting to prevent the coming apocalypse. Demonic forces are breaking down the seals that have imprisoned them for millenia allowing them to spill forth into our world. Crazed scientists are experimenting and creating unholy hybrids, stealing the gift of giving life from the gods. The end of the world is coming and only a few stand in the way. The miniatures will be cast in metal, come unpainted and supplied with a base. Check the full Kickstarter here for more details and prices

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