Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Grand Arcanum Games: The Roots of Magic, Game of Wizard Duels Kickstarter

Grand Arcanum Games: The Roots of Magic, a 30mm miniatures game of Wizard Duels, has just launched it's first Kickstarter!

The game has been live for a year, pitting powerful Wizards from the Great Houses of Magic against each other in a fight to prove supremacy of their form - or Root of Magic. This project introduces apprentices, known in the game as Acolytes, for each of the Wizards that have already been revealed. You can find out more details about the existing game over on the website.

This project aims to fund the production of eight Acolytes. We aim to make these models every bit as detailed and well designed as our current range, if not better! Take a look at our latest model from wave 1: Otremia Rathe. This is what is on offer via the Students of Sorcery. Please take a look! Check the Kickstarter here

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