Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ganesha Games: Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes Fantasy Rules Half Priced

Ganesha Games released their Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes fantasy rules at The Wargame Vault at a 50% discount.

Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes is the updated incarnation of the award-winning Song of Blades miniatures system. Play fantasy skirmishes in any scale, with any models you already own.

With an expanded magic system, an exciting turn sequence, a reaction system, an optional setting, weapon rules, an open-source point system, and combat mechanics that keep players involved at all times, there is no limit to the epic stories you can create. 88 full-color pages plus covers, PDF The download includes a 77 page inksaving version with no illustrations and no blank pages, for those of you who want to print at home.

Check these discounted rules here and enter Song of Blades and Heroes

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