Sunday, November 13, 2016

Fantasy Flight Games: Imperial Assault - Captain Terro Villain

Fantasy Flight Games: Preview of the Captain Terro Villain Pack for their most popular Imperial Assault miniature boardgame.

The grasp of the Galactic Empire has spread far across the galaxy, even to the near-lawless planets of the Outer Rim. On many planets, there’s nothing more than a small garrison—but the fear and brutality that those garrisons spread is more than enough to quell sedition and rebellion before it can take root. As an Imperial officer, you can’t afford to have anyone question your authority, and when you’re trying to maintain control, it’s easy to turn to a threatening enforcer like Captain Terro.

The Empire imposes its own laws and ordinances on every planet, but that doesn’t mean they’re above adopting a good idea when they see it, especially if it can supplement their fearsome arsenal of weapons. Riding the reptilian dewbacks of Tatooine is just one more way for Imperial Stormtroopers to gain a threatening advantage over their opponents. 

From this Villain Pack, you may introduce a Dewback Rider or two to your games of Imperial Assault. These mounted warriors offer powerful ranged attacks as they shoot from atop their dewbacks, and with additional surges, they can deal more damage or pierce straight through Rebel armor. Though the Dewback Rider’s attacks can reach quite far, it may be better to push him into the midst of combat, where he can use a Shock Lance to dangerous effect. With this ability, you can choose any figure within two spaces and roll a yellow die. Your target suffers damage equal to the result, and if you rolled a surge, it becomes Weakened. 

Enter the Star Wars™ universe in your games of Imperial Assault! Two complete games offer a full Star Wars experience within Imperial Assault. In the campaign game, a few Rebel operatives battle the Galactic Empire in a series of cinematic missions. The skirmish game, on the other hand, allows two players to gather their own strike teams and battle head-to-head over conflicting objectives. Discover the content of these games here

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