Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Drowned Earth: The Drowned Earth Tabletop Miniature Skirmish Game Introduction

Explore the tropical continent of Ulaya, a land of jungle exploration, high adventure, and terrifying predators! Venture into the ruins of the old world in search of ancient artefacts and knowledge long lost. Prepare to discover the The Drowned Earth ...

Folk stories tell of boiling black skies raining fire while seas rose up to break the land asunder. Tales are told of the floods and devastation, death and destruction on an unimaginable scale, the earthquakes, choking winds and an entire world dying, wreathed in flame.

The result: a timeless and world spanning civilisation crushed in an almighty cataclysm the likes of which has never been seen before or since. Known as “The Fall”, nobody truly knows what happened. Some say it was the retribution of the gods, punishing the arrogance of The Builders. Others say it was a terrible war to end all wars, but all agree that the once mighty civilisation that ruled The Drowned Earth was utterly crushed. But whatever destroyed it hundreds of years ago, however utter the devastation, the evidence of this planet spanning civilisation still surrounds us today. Waters have risen and nature has reclaimed the Earth, healing the scars of The Fall, but the once majestic towers of their cities still stud the jungles and wetlands of The Drowned Earth like so many mouths of broken teeth. Hiding in the ground are the often mysterious trappings of The Builders (the people of the Pre-Fall Civilisation), strange and unknowable. The twisted and broken remnants 9-tyrannex of their ingenuity lie crumbling in the dew covered forests and high mountains, ready to be discovered, and sometimes even reclaimed.

For The Drowned Earth is a world of tropical heat, of Rain Forest, lagoon, brackish swamp and island archipelago. Even the inner highlands are drenched with monsoon rains and mountain rivers. And these jungles and swamps are dangerous places to travel. Ruined buildings and ancient artefacts are not the only things The Builders left behind.

In the alternative science fiction setting of the The Drowned Earth, you will take control of small daring crews in an alternate activation miniatures game designed for 2 players. The game is announced to feature a highly dynamic movement system encouraging truly three dimensional play, cinematic and narrative gameplay, a streamlined reaction mechanic and close to zero downtime between players. The core rulebook of The Drowned Earth will remain available online for free as a PDF but an improved hardback version crammed with background story and flavour will be available for purchase. As The Drowned Earth is place full of deep story, interesting themes and exciting people and places much is to be told and explored in great detail.

The Drowned Earth world is inhabited by several intelligent species, some the result of genetic engineering and gene splicing. There are the adaptable and intelligent Humans, the kind and powerful Berengeii, the fast and agile Sorrians and the tough and enduring Dverg. These four factions will become available as high quality 35mm metal gaming miniatures digitally sculpted by established, professional artists. Next to this they are also working with other partners to provide scenery, custom dice, templates and counters so that at Kickstarter players can acquire everything they need to play with a single pledge.

The Drowned Earth Kickstarter is scheduled to launch in April but you can already download the Beta Rules here at The Drowned Earth website as they are looking to fine tune the rules in collaboration with the community.

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