Saturday, October 22, 2016

Purgatory Miniatures: The War for Heaven Rages on in Purgatory! Check The Kickstarter Campaign

Purgatory Miniatures: Purgatory centres around the War for Heaven where the traitor Angels have been cast out, their plot foiled by those still loyal. Some landed on Earth and hid amongst mankind, eventually revealing themselves and tearing the world apart and enslaving millions. 

Purgatory is a new skirmish table top game that can be played by two or more players. It combines a fresh, modern gaming experience alongside a range of high quality 32mm scale miniatures for you to play with, that have been created by some of the best sculptors in Europe.

It is the Age of Purgatory. Our planet is aflame, shattered and broken by the devastating after effects of the War for Heaven. Led by Satan, Angels that once stood guardian over our realm use our world as a battleground where titanic energies and colossal beings wield powers far beyond our comprehension, murdering and enslaving humans by the million. Mankind teeters on the edge of obliteration, but there is hope. Those still loyal to the Gods have been dispatched to right the terrible wrong of their fallen kin.  

Purgatory has a rich background, steeped in history, alongside a storyline with sub plots that will have you hooked. It has a wealth of diverse and unique characters, each with their own identity, allowing you to connect emotionally and visually. In Purgatory you have the potential for synergy and dynamism as you are able to mix and match characters to create your own unique collection of individuals as you immerse yourself in scenarios and battles set in a colourful, expanding Ultraverse.

Are you ready to dive into a game that will bring old friends and new together across the table top battlefield? In a world that is underpinned by honest humour and where exciting battles and closely fought encounters will create memories for years to come? If you are, then tailor your force to your unique style of play, supported by Gifts from the Gods, and prepare to face the greatest period of adversity mankind has ever encountered. All that remains now is to choose a side and join the War for Heaven! 

The project is currently over the funding target and ends on the 7th November 2016. We are now working hard to bring this exciting new world and game to as many people as possible to gather momentum and get the project going on the home straight. 

Purgatory is a skirmish game on Kickstarter. You can find the project here

Purgatory is a skirmish game that allows you to play different size games against friends using a points-based system. You are not shackled to specific races or ranges as in Purgatory you can build your faction from scratch either, for alignment with your host or as a group of mercenaries.  

The game works by players fielding their forces and alternating activations during a game turn to complete the scenario or mission being played out. Each activation allows players to use abilities (Melee, Ranged, Movement or other) to secure victory for their side. Each character comes with a stat card that shows the controlling player how they are used.  

The world of Purgatory combines old established mechanics with new and realistic takes on table-top gaming using a D6 system. However, you also have the ability to build card decks using Gift of the Gods cards which can have an effect in game, for both sides. To explain all of the rules would require us to include the rulebook on this page, which is unfortunately not something we can do. However, since releasing an initial BETA rules pack the game has developed significantly, and we have made some instructive videos that explain how some of the up-to-date core mechanics work in the game so that you can familiarise yourself with the easy, fluid mechanisms within our world.

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