Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Monolith: Popular Conan Miniature Tabletop Boardgame Core Box Discounted

Monolith: Relive the Cimmerian’s greatest adventures with 8 unique scenarios that take you across all of Hyboria. From hearth-lit taverns to shark-infested waters, from Pict villages to Bossonian strongholds, you get to witness Conan’s defining moments firsthand. Joining the iconic barbarian are Shevatas, the master-thief, Hadrathus, the priest of Asura, and Bêlit, the Queen of the Black Coast.

One player among you is the Overlord, who commands the forces of darkness and opposes the heroes at every turn. At his disposal are ferocious beasts, demons of the outer dark, evil necromancers, and the notorious Zogar Sag with his hordes of Pict warriors. The Overlord holds the advantage unless the heroes work together, and only the craftiest side will emerge victorious. Forge a legend or destroy one! 

Relive the Cimmerian’s greatest adventures now and grab your discounted pre-order copy here By Crom you should!

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