Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mark Alexander: Peacekeepers - The Board Game Kickstarter

Mark Alexander: Peacekeepers is a 4X Inspired Game Set in a Near-Future World. A *Peace-Em-Up* Preventing Civilian Deaths, by Restraint with Mechs. Check the Kickstarter here

Peacekeepers ™ is a strategically detailed tabletop game for 1-5 players. Peacekeepers tells the story of 5 factions seeking to bring peace and stability to a war torn nation. Peace must be created without using the factions greatest assets, overwhelming fire-power and military strength. Peacekeepers thus is a delicate balance of strategy, public relations and manoeuvring.  

Sometimes the hardest strategy game of all is about how to not fight. Sometimes not using tactics is harder than using tactics. This is a board game about peacekeeping, and not using weapons, as opposed to traditional conflict type games. A war game of world peace. This is the setting of Peacekeepers. 

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