Sunday, October 2, 2016

Games Workshop: Upcoming Blood Bowl Game - Box Content, Sprues and Miniatures Preview

Games Workshop and Forge World previewed the content of the upcoming Blood Bowl - Fantasy Football Game boardgame at the Amsterdam Warhammer European Open Day including the playing boards, miniatures and sprues!

The Blood Bowl Fantasy Football Game pre-order will be launched in November with mega parties in stores and hobby centers with merchandising like foam fingers, pins, flags and the like. The rumoured price is £65.00 which would be affordable for a fun stand alone miniature game. Note these are rumours and not confirmed.

League rules will be part of a Death Zone supplement book, released on the same day as the box set. The DZ supplement will contain full rosters for 7 teams, some of which will be released in plastic and some in resin: Nurgle, Dwarf, Skaven, and Elf Union (Pro Elf).  It will also contain rules and complete backgrounds for 20 Star Players, a couple of whom are new additions. Plastic teams will be added to with resin releases to fill out positionals, Big Guys, etc.. Star Players will be released in Resin. Some plastic teams will receive resin conversion kits which will enable players to build famous teams should they wish. These teams may be supported. The starter set has been kept deliberately light to ensure the price point is much lower than some other recent releases. Source The NAF

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Interested in buying this iconic Games Workshop Blood Bowl miniature game along with the other new goodies? Make sure to check our favorite online sources below and save some money while doing so. Prices as mentionned on 12/11/2016

- Games Workshop - Blood Bowl Fantasy Football Game £65.00 Click here
- Element Games - Blood Bowl Fantasy Football Game £52.00 Click here
- Wayland Games - Blood Bowl Fantasy Football Game £52.00 Click here
- Firestorm Games - Blood Bowl Fantasy Football Game £55.25 Click here

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