Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Freebooter Miniatures: New Freebooter's Fate Tales of Longfall Book and Miniatures

Freebooter Miniatures: First we have a new Tales of Longfall #3 (german language) for you. Big Trouble ... in little Longfall. It's a new expansion for Freebooter’s Fate. Inside you will find for each crew new characters - above all, the big guys and gals - big, big trouble. Rounding out the whole four exciting and complex scenarios. A4 softcover with 44 bulging pages.

Second we have a new Cult mystic. Mademoiselle D'oiseaux is a Cult mystic and leader. She may also invoke any loa from an opposing mystic if that mystic is within her aura. And last but not least our new limited edition for this year. Moja Alga + Arida is a Mercenary who fights for all crews. Beware of the call of the shapeshifter.

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