Monday, October 3, 2016

FossilPunk Foundry: 54mm Miniature Skirmish Sauriana Game Kickstarter Launched

FossilPunk Foundry: Sauriana is a 54mm miniature wargame set in an alternate 19th century, rife with dinosaurs, explorers, adventure and intrigue. Full Kickstarter here

Sauriana is a 54mm miniature wargame created by FossilPunk Foundry. The brainchild of writer and game developer Sam Nolton, it’s been in the works since 2014, and we’re finally ready to bring it to you! Take command of a band of Agents from one of four factions: the stalwart adventurers of the Explorer’s Club, the hard-bitten “cowboys of science” that make up the Othniellians, the steam-powered might of the Cope Collective, or the ragtag roustabouts of the World’s Faire. With these individuals, you will battle it out against your opponents everywhere from the back alleys of London to the boomtowns of the American frontier. 

Sauriana is a game of choice: your choices, your characters, your playstyle and your hobby. Aside from the Factions themselves and the agreed-upon points limit for a game, players have full control over their band, which can have individuals running the gamut from prehistoric beasts to men and women of every race, gender, creed and social class. Some archetypes are more common in one faction or another, but we aim to bring a game that represents the diversity of the modern world, even if it’s set in the 19th century. 

With your help, we can bring the Sauriana starter box into full production. With the contents therein, up to two players can play scenario-driven matches  of Sauriana, the perfect introduction to the gameplay elements that define our game. If we make it past our goal though, you will find an entire world’s worth of content awaiting as we unlock more Agents for each faction, or even new factions altogether. 

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