Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Flat Minis: New 2D Wargaming and Roleplaying Kobold Monsters Released

Flat Minis: Flatminis released a new wave of 2D preprinted plastic miniatures. A band of kobolds is the latest addition to the Flatminis range of 2D characters and they are the first to represent monsters instead of usual heroic characters. 

With this release Flatminis push their vision not only to create unique player avatars for RPG games, but fast fillers for various miniature games as well. The new characters come in various different looks and are great to make a regiment or encounter for any tabletop game with kobolds in it. 

“Kobolds are invading Flatminis! But that is good, because that makes Flatminis not only the home for 2D plastic heroes, but home for monsters and evil characters as well. Let’s greet these nasties as they open the door for more monsters to come. Check them out and adopt one today!”

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