Tuesday, October 4, 2016

15mm.co.uk: HOT37 Destroyer of Hope 15mm Grand Dragon Returns!

15mm.co.uk: Now at 15mmcouk! Rain fire and destruction with the re-mastered and now re-released HOT37 Destroyer of Hope grand dragon which is now back after two years off our website as a resin kit. 

The largest monster in the HOT range and an excellent centre piece for many different armies and any suitable rule system. Plus 15% off the kit until the end of the month too. Click through for more images and information. Thanks. GBS

The mighty HOT37 Destroyer of Hope Grand Dragon which is by far the largest monster in the range and makes a superb centre piece. It is now a high quality grey tone resin kit and no longer white metal. We have also changed its name slightly it is now known as the 'Destroyer' rather than the 'Swallower' as it used to be known (we have made a few changes so it is, unlike the others, actually a new model). Breath fire and rain down destruction! 

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