Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Spartan Games: The Dystopian World is Changing

Spartan Games: With new models and rules in development, we've been taking a look at how we make Dystopian Wars and Legions more easily available to our customers and players. Interesting changes are going to be made in the coming months and we're very excited to share them with you.

Dystopian Wars - Our stunning Victorian super-science fiction game is very important to us and to you, our customers, and we’ve been looking at how to make it even easier for new players to buy and start playing the game and for existing players to easily buy exactly what they want. This was reinforced by this year’s customer survey, with a large number of you citing your support of the game, and asking us for more support for the Dystopian World. You’ve seen the results of that with the recent blogs that we’ve published, and having spent time exploring different options, we’ve decided to make some changes that will mean the game is more accessible to both players and retailers alike.

We’re going to streamline the boxed sets that we make available to our retail channel, by scaling back what we ask retailers to purchase. We’re doing this in order to make it easier for retailers and distributors to stock the product line and more easily understand which items to carry. The upside of this for new players is that getting into the game will also be easier, with more direction being provided on what’s best to buy first. All of our two-player boxed sets, battle groups and items like rulebooks and gaming accessories will remain available to our sales channel. This will allow us to release new and exciting products to our channel sales partners, which can then make their way to your tabletop forces!

Everything else will continue to be available from our online store, and (here’s the best bit!) at much friendlier prices! We will be able to adjust the pricing down on these items because they will no longer need retail packaging or be priced to cater for trade discounts.  New players can get into the game with purchases at their local store.  Existing players can expand their collection with new nations and accessories from their local store, and then purchase more specialised upgrade models from us direct.

The range available for retailers will be focused on the core products making it easier for them to stock and sell, without the risk of carrying items that appeal to a smaller group of customers.  However, if a retailer has a lot of Dystopian Wars customers, they will be able to obtain the specialised upgrade products from us at a special discount so they can fulfil specific orders for their customers. These changes will be taking effect from the 31st October 2016.

We’re also going to be making key Dystopian Wars models available for sale individually. This will enable customers to have much more flexibility on how they expand their fleets. The options for customisation will be endless, meaning you can fine-tune your Dystopian Wars force with precision, creating an army that will lead you to victory every time!

Dystopian Legions is now four years old and whilst more niche, we know that it has a following every bit as dedicated as Dystopian Wars, albeit somewhat smaller.  We are changing how we sell the product line, and will do everything to continue supporting the game and its loyal players.

We have therefore decided that all of the Dystopian Legions product line will be available via mail order from our online store only, also taking effect from October 31st 2016. By selling it as an entirely mail order product line, we can make it easier for customers to expand their armies with individual models and lower pricing by not needing to cater for packaging or trade discounts. This is a bold move for Legions, but one that we feel will strengthen the game in the highly populated 28mm scale miniature gaming space in which it competes.

This is the start of a number of exciting changes for Dystopian Legions which will firmly put the gaming control in the hands of its players. The greater customisation of purchase options will allow gamers to choose exactly how they want to play with their miniatures, from small squad-based adventures to platoon level actions!

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