Friday, September 9, 2016

Nexus Miniatures: Red Sector Cleanup Crew III - Wildfire & Krissy-K

Nexus Miniatures: Barry Arnold was not a "liked" man, even amongst his fellow "Cleaners" - when he got killed on duty, there were groans and moans when H.H. (Hard Holo) Technology was used to bring him back rather than just recruiting someone new. When Barry's "death" experience failed to change him for the better, the usual happened and a copy was taken - the resulting H.H. recruit was braver, more handsome, and way more dynamic than the original - and Barry "Wildfire" Arnold was born.

Wildfire is so brave and talented, he generally operates on his own - which suits Barry, as he hates his guts - often referring to him as s**g head behind his back . . . .  Craig Cloister, rather ineffectual Red Sector "Cleaner" often said "The best thing I ever did in my life was getting Krissy-K to go out with me", that is until the day she dumped him. Krissy-K is everything Cloister is not (smart, educated - and washes regularly), and way out of his league - still Cloister has spent the last few years trying to win her back, and (no doubt) will keep trying. Both Models wonderfully sculpted by Carl Stoelzel. Pre-Order Price £8.25 (RRP £9.50)

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