Saturday, September 10, 2016

Nexus Miniatures: New Red Sector Cleanup Crew IV - Rocky & Birdie

Nexus Miniatures: No all "Cleaners" are created equal, when Felix was affected by the RDS Virus he gained cat-like traits - enhanced smell, cat-like reflexes, night vision - the lot.

When Felix's Cousin Rocky was affected by the RDS Virus, he mutated into . . . a Dork . . . . Sometimes Splutter-Bots go a little strange, generally eccentric - but "Birdie" as he came to be known, became downright offensive - regularly giving people the finger who p**s him off!

Rocky was demanded, so we brought him forward for you - and on top of that, another Special Edition Splutter Bot! Birdie is strictly limited edition - only 60 will be made, and only 30 will be available for sale as part of the Retro-Booster. The remaining miniatures will be kept for shows or as prizes later on. Both Models wickedly sculpted by Carl Stoelzel. Retro-Booster Price £8.50 (No RRP for the Pair, as only Rocky will be available to purchase after the Retro-Booster ends)

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