Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mantic Games: Star Saga - Science Fiction Dungeon Crawl Kickstarter

Mantic Games: Star Saga, the new sci-fi dungeon crawler from Mantic Games, will be heading to Kickstarter next week, and we're happy to share some more details about the game.

Firstly, you should head over to the Mantic Blog to read a great piece from the game's designer Stewart Gibbs, about how Star Saga has evolved from Dungeon Saga and the gameplay improvements we've made, such as more streamlined combat mechanics, intense story driven missions and more.

Meanwhile, here you can see the renders of the four Mercenaries featured in Star Saga: Captain Erika Dulinsky, Combat Utility Robot B07153 'Curby', Francesco 'The Devil' Selvaggio and Wrath. However, these anti-heroes are just the beginning and over the course of the campaign we hope to add more soldiers of fortune, enemy minions, bosses and lots more.

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