Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Copplestone Castings: New Fantasy Halflings by Mark Copplestone Released

Copplestone Castings released these beautiful Halfling miniatures sculpted by the talented Mark Copplestone! To celebrate the launch the following deal has also been announced "We have put together a 'one-off' Halfling Militia Army deal using our new Halfling figures."

We're basing the deal on the popular Fantasy Wargame 'Dragon Rampant' from Osprey Publishing. The army contains 60 Halfling Militia, with a mix of weapons that'll allow you to make various different Dragon Rampant units such as Light Foot and Scouts, plus 5 Halfling Adventurers and 4 Halfling Heroes. That's a total of 68 figures on foot, and one mounted.

A recommended Dragon Rampant army using this deal would be: Mayor of Bywater and Local Notables - Light Foot, Offensive, Leader. - Bywater Militia - Light Foot - Bogend Militia - Light Foot
Greenway Guard - Light Foot,Short range weapons - Tookish Huntsman - Light Missiles, invisibility - Young Robin's Rangers - scouts. More details here

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