Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Westfalia Fantasy Battles: Upcoming Middle Eastern Fantasy Halflings Previewed

Westfalia Fantasy Battles previewed these new Middle Eastern Halflings, when you thought you had seen everything, Westfalia keeps surprising you with more cool unusual fantasy miniatures!

This time they have been creating some interesting fantasy halflings suited for skirmish and mass combat wargames set in the blazing deserts of Arabia. As with their other released halflings these miniatures will be scaled 28mm and will be casted in high-quality resin with splendid detail. I have their medieval halflings and they are top-notch regarding character, detail and overall quality. 

Looking to field an unusual army in Kings of War, The Ninth Age, Open Combat or other cool fantasy miniature wargames, search no further and field legions of these tough warriors.

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