Thursday, August 18, 2016

Northstar Miniatures: Horror Story - Arkeo Obskura Miniatures

Northstar Miniatures announced a new miniature range titled 'Horror Story' to support the new wargame rules Arkeo Obskura by Massimo Torriani. The new miniature range will be sculpted by Giorgio Bassani.

Massimo Torriani: Imagine a world where all of your deepest fears have come to life, a place where monsters, terrifying creatures and deviant criminals threaten your very existence and that of the entire planet. 

You and your friends are the only ones that can stop these terrible plans… Will you succeed or will you die trying? In Arkeo Obskura a handful of heroes (from the Modern or Victorian eras or even from the early 1900s) face incredible adventures populated by zombies, witches, mummies, ghosts, the forgotten, aliens... The game system is easy to lean and intuitive and you don’t need a Master. You can play solitaire or with friends in cooperative or competitive mode. You will see your characters grow, buying new characteristics and equipment from one game to the next.

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