Friday, August 26, 2016

Nexus Miniatures: New Superhero - Retro Booster Miniatures

Nexus Miniatures: Nexus Miniatures are running their first "Retro-Booster" Promotion and the first lot of molding/casting is almost funded after a little over a week.

The first "wave" is made up of all new Models to the Range, and the "New Defenders" have already been unlocked. They are so close to unlocking even more exciting Models, Like the "Red Sector Cleanup Crew" - a ramshackle Crew of ex Asteroid-Miners turned Adventurers; and things are about to get Stranger with the release of "Elle" and her friends.

So Pop over to the Nexus Miniatures Retro Booster Advance Order Page - the more they sell the more exciting Miniatures they can "unlock" for you to order! It's running till the end of September, and best of all - if you order more than one "Boost" they send you a special Code so future pre-orders made as part of this Campaign cost no extra! Check the news and promotions here

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