Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mantic Games: Stock Clearance Sale Launched

Mantic Games: In the next 8 weeks we will be shipping almost all of Warpath and the big first wave of The Walking Dead Kickstarter orders to backers. We are also getting the biggest delivery we have ever had – The Walking Dead – All Out War’s retail game and first wave boosters.

We are going to be full many times over! So it looks like it is time to clear some space – and that mans some crazy bundles, boxes of stuff and fun times! Don’t worry we will still have something left to put in the crazy boxes at Christmas (and they will be crazy this time!). However, until then we have some great bits to keep you amused as the days get shorter, and we all embark on our new hobby projects.

If you fancy some family gaming fun jump into Mars Attacks…with some unbelievable bundles, and a fantastic range of models (that are all built and ready to play!) you can recreate huge invasions from Space! (or a very reasonable USA marine force!!!). We are also talking to Topps about some new products for Mars Attacks to release next year, so keep your eyes open for that.

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