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DGS Games: DGS News and Designer’s Blog September 2016

DGS Games: DGS News and Designer’s Blog September 2016 - Jon Cleaves here, lead designer, to tell you all about the goings on Freeblades and Faelon. 

Our most recent releases are the Falkaaran Shadow Hunter and Jhenkar.  The Shadow Hunter is a caster of spirit magic who specializes in hunting demons and closing witchgates.  A Jhenkar is a demon bonded to a Shadow Hunter to help him in his quests.  The Shadow Hunter brings a new spell list into play that is a version of the one already used by the Haradelan Fist of Vidunar.  Players will recognize some of the spells but the new ones help the Hunter reveal hidden models and move in and out of the Spirit World.   Rules for these models can be found in the Freeblades Rules Companion.  Speaking of the Companion…

The FRC is a $6 downloadable pdf, purchased through our webstore. When you purchase the FRC, it will become a permanent download in your DGS Games website account. So, as we add new models and rules, all you need to do is go back in and download the latest version of the FRC to have everything in one place. $6 for a full color rulebook as a pdf that you can load onto your tablet or other device, that contains everything you need to play the game that is not in the core rulebook. And you get all the updates to the FRC for free once you have purchased it one time. We think that is a great deal and we think you will too!

The pdf is interactive. This means that rules, page references and index are hyperlinked to the appropriate section of the product. Models in the stat summaries are hyperlinked to their entry in the webstore. Our next release is the Haradelan Bear of Bretan.  This model comes with pieces such that it can be assembled as a High Questor or Questing Knight.  His rules are already in the Companion 1.3, so you will not have to download an update when he becomes available October 7.  You can go check him out now.

Speaking of October, we are going to deliver the Traazorites early!

As you may know, we successfully funded our Traazorite Crusaders Kickstarter in March.  Very successfully!  Check your rulebook and the Faelon section of our website for more information about this dangerous new addition to the Freeblades game line. Dinosaur-riding religious zealot legionnaires? Why yes, please!

This project created the starter set for the Traazorite Crusaders faction and reached four Stretch Goals.  In addition, two of our backers chose the make a model reward level, so the project ended up creating 11 models: all of the nine initial models for the Traazorite faction, the Daklos Ravager – a Traazorite warrior mounted on a Daklos, basically our version of a War Pterodactyl – and the Nightwhisper, the first model of your new Eclipse faction.  The Eclipse is the codename for a secretive group of female warriors and casters rebelling against the Traazorite Empire.

We are going to be able to deliver the Traazorites starting October 1st, which is more than a month early from their projected delivery date.  Now, the rules for the Traazorites will be available at the same time the Traazorites are released to the public.  We feel very strongly about taking the time to get the rules right.  The good news is, these rules will be in v 1.4 of the Freeblades Rules Companion, so you can have them the day the rules come out by downloading them from the website.  If you already have 1.3 or if you got a FRC as part of your reward, it will be free.  If not, it’s only $6, so a good deal there.  And you get a month to paint your models before anyone can play with them anyway!

-What else are we working on?

• Eclipse Nightwhisper
• Traazorite Daklos Ravager and Ravager
• Faeler Swordsman
• BrightSword (our RPG) playtest version 7.5 (7.4 is in the download section as an open playtest).
• A new Freeblades Campaign – the Six Barons - league games linked by a story and new options.
• Our website.  We are bringing a new forum online, upgrading the imagery in the webstore and making other improvements.  
Thanks for your patience.

– Our next Con is Tsunami Con in Wichita, 7-9 October, where we will release the Bear of Bretan.  Hope to see you there! Spike and Win!

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Twitter: @WorldofFaelon

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