Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Antenocitis Workshop: Infinity Fast Panda Pizza's Kickstarter

Antenocitis Workshop launched their Infinity Fast Panda Pizza's van Kickstarter and what a great and characterful piece of scenery we have here!

A unique scenery piece ideal for 32mm sci-fi gaming or manga style dioramas. Fast Panda Pizzas is a quintessential Kickstarter project to bring to market a fabulous and unique futuristic vehicle design. here are few truly unique futuristic designs on the market but this is the opportunity to change that by helping us bring "Fast Panda PIzzas" to reality, "Designed for Infinity". Check the Kickstarter here

Fast Panda Pizzas is a distinctive and unique design of a futuristic Mobile Fast-Food service vehicle and you won't find anything better looking for center-piece models for Infinity the Game, or other anime style environments, cyberpunk RPGs or similar. Below is the Original concept art done by "Flying Debris" which conceived of a track-ball mobile pizza-van, with integrated seating areas, that could be folded away to allow the "vehicle" to motor off to new locations. (Please note that the logos and trademarks on the original concept art will not be present on the finished model or included as decals, they are included here as they form part of the original concept art only.)

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