Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wayland Games: New Infinity Operation: Red Veil Starter Set with Exclusive Miniatures Discounted

Wayland Games: Infinity’s Operation: Red Veil is a totally new product in the Infinity catalogue. It is a box containing 14 miniatures belonging to two different armies, an introductory rulebook, scenery, dice… Operation: Red Veil has everything you need to start collecting Infinity or expand your collection!

In addition, Operation: Red Veil introduces 3rd Edition of Infinity with a full-colour 80 page introductory rulebook in both English and Spanish, which contains five tutorial missions that make the Infinity core mechanics easy to understand.

In this book you will also find the background and troop profiles of each troop in the Battle Pack, one of which is totally new! There is also a brief guide to the Infinity universe, advice on how to delve deeper to expand your force and a painting tutorial for each faction of this pack.

Operation: Red Veil contains two totally new and re-sculpted Starter Packs of two different factions: Yu Jing and Haqqislam. It also includes two exclusive miniatures, one per faction, only available in this Battle Pack. However, and only available during the pre-order, you also can get with this pack the totally new Yuan Yuan with Boarding Shotgun, which is a pre-order exclusive model! This miniature is only included in orders made on or between July the 4th and August the 9th 2016. Content of full boxed set here

To complete the game experience, the Battle Pack includes ready-to-play cardboard scenery (four buildings and six containers), a Game Mat, six twenty-sided dice (three with a Yu Jing design and three with a Haqqislamite design), as well as cardboard markers, templates and a ruler – everything you need to start playing!

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