Saturday, July 16, 2016

Wargame-Model-Mods: Maze of the Dead Scenery Kickstarter

Wargame-Model-Mods: Some more examples of how you can set up the gaming boards on my kickstarter. There a loads and loads of ways you can use them and every time you play you can be using a new layout.

The boards seen here are the Area 51 and Chaotic compound and the walls on the Area 51(blue) tiles are the Cyberspace corridors and on the Chaotic compound(red) tiles are the tech crypt walls. You can mix and max your tiles and floors to get setups like this or get an entire board of just one theme.

You can find a huge amount of pictures on my website many of which are not on kickstarter. you can have a closer look at the tiles, walls and all the stretch goals. Please share this around in your groups and to anyone you think may like it, this kickstarter give you the opportunity to grab these at amazing discounts.

This weekend I will also have finished the next wave of add-ons most of which were suggested by backers and another style of tile and wall. If you have any suggestions let me know. We have a first look at a city board set up on a 4x4 board using buildings from my website and another one using both buildings and walls.

Check out the different styles there are several for scifi players and a dungeon theme for fantasy players. The Following stretch goals have recently been added after goals 9-11 were reached. 15. Control room. Unlocks at £11250 Add £10. Contains 4 control terminals, four doors, two tables and two weapons locker + a bunch of weapons.

16. Test Facility. Unlocks at £11500. Add £10. Contains a test firing range with targets, turrets and guns, propulsion experiment, a radiation station and a desk with bits and bobs. 17. Generators. Add £10. Unlocks at £11500. Contains 4 generators. Full kickstarter here

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