Monday, July 25, 2016

Privateer Press: Prepare for Pulp Adventure with Skull Island's Tales of the Invisible Hand

Privateer Press announced the publication of the first book "Tales of the Invisible Hand" in their brand new pulpy science fiction and fantasy book series by author Miles Holmes. 

Tales of the Invisible Hand is the first book by Skull Island that's not based in the existing fluff of Privateer Press, the company behind the hugely popular Hordes and Warmachine miniature wargames. The following excerpt introduces readers to Max Braun, a historian of the future, and his theories about what preceded the history of our world, going back to a time before what we have always believed was the birth of man . . .

"Journey to high-flying adventures in an age long forgotten by modern man! Tales of the Invisible Hand begins a saga of arcane technology, mighty empires, and ancient conspiracy before the dawn of civilization, a saga that will shape our world.

For the unlikely pair of Zekh and Gaur—a rookie pilot eager to prove himself and the Neanderthal inquisitor he is tasked to deliver—a routine diplomatic mission becomes a baptism by fire. A flight deep into untamed territory to investigate unrest among the primitive tribes exposes an ancient menace and ignites a chain of events that will forever alter the course of human history. With the future of mankind hanging in the balance, the mismatched travelers must overcome their differences and learn to trust in each other’s instincts if they want to have any hope of surviving..." you can read the full excerpt here

Skull Island eXpeditions™ is an imprint of Privateer Press, Inc., established to produce epic, heroic, and swashbuckling fantasy fiction, distributed primarily through digital formats that take advantage of the capabilities of the latest portable technology.

Beginning with the award-winning Warmachine®, Hordes™ and Iron Kingdoms™ properties, Skull Island eXpeditions publishes new and original content every month for aficionados of daring adventure. Embracing both accomplished authors as well as emerging talent, Skull Island eXpeditions is committed to innovation in storytelling, taking bold chances in entertainment, and delivering exhilarating experiences in the form of spectacular artwork and the infinite power of the written word. Discover what Skull Island eXpeditions has to offer today, and follow us to adventure!

Skull Island's pulpy Tales of the Invisible Hand novel will be published in August in both a soft cover printed and digital version for $15.99 and $7.99. Learn more about Skull Island eXpeditions here

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