Monday, July 11, 2016

Northstar Miniatures: New Plastic Frostgrave Modular Gnoll Warriors Released

Northstar Miniatures: We are very pleased to announce our third set of plastic figures for the fantasy game Frostgrave have been released this week – the Gnolls!

Also released is the second supplement for Frostgrave, titled Into The Breeding Pits. This new book takes adventurers under the Frozen City into caverns and dungeons crawling with Gnolls. The Gnolls in Frostgrave can be used in two roles; firstly as wandering monsters and encounters for Wizard Warbands to fight, but secondly, they can be used as Soldiers to accompany the new Wizard type found in Into The Breeding Pits, the Beastcrafter. To that end, we have made a metal range of Gnolls to cover the Frostgrave Soldier classes like Thief, Tracker, etc. (Yes, there is a Gnoll Barbarian!)

The plastic box set works like the previous Frostgrave box sets, where you get to make up 20 figures with lots of arm and head choices, and these make up the Thugs, Men At Arms, Treasure Hunters, etc., you need in a Wizard Warband.

We've included pictures of the plastic frames, but you'll have to forgive us that there are no photos of the made-up miniatures, we've only had the frames for four days. All the photos you've seen so far of painted Gnolls are actually our 90mm-high master figures, made for molding. We also have some new metal figures for Into The Breeding Pits, two new Soldier Types (The Trap Expert and Tunnel Fighter), and two new Wizard figures (a new Elementalist and Apprentice), and a new Soothsayer and Appentice.

We ran a pre-order program for Into The Breeding Pits, which we called a Gnickstarter. That ended this week, and the new stuff has been sent to all the participants. To keep up-to-date with new Frostgrave releases, join our mailing list. This includes all the new Frostgrave products, plus lots more – have a read. We are also on social media: Facebook and Twitter.

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