Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mantic Games: DreadBall is Back! Kickstarter Launching Friday

Mantic Games: DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game is back and hits Kickstarter at 1:30pm British Summer Time*, 8:30am Eastern Time and 5:30am Pacific Time.

*We had previous said incorrectly that we would be launching the project at 1:30 GMT and not BST. I’m sorry for the error! For the last few weeks Chris has been recording the development of his last Kickstarter campaign in a series of diary posts, showing off the art behind 2nd edition and the improvements we are making.

We hope that you’re excited for the new edition of the game and will join in with this fun project. With DreadBall taking up our usual Friday newsletter slot, we just wanted to take the opportunity to talk to you about the Kings of War movement trays and remind you about the Clash of Kings…

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