Monday, July 11, 2016

Hasslefree Miniatures: Fantasy Kickstarter Announcement

Hasslefree Miniatures: We're finally almost ready to dip our toes into the murky waters of the 'Kickstarter' world. Don't be worried for us though, this isn't some overstretching, millioon stretch goal, huge project. This will be amsall, themed, project based on a particular artists's work and Kev's unique interpretation thereof. 

There's 2 main reasons we're going the Kickstarter route. the firs is the full set of figures does incorporate a huge chunk of Kev's time. You may have noticed us starting to add other sculptors to the HF family lately and thisis one of the reasons. Kev only has 1 pair of hands and committing them to a full set like this is a big deal for us, so we'd like to know with a little more certainty than just a poll or asking, that it's worthwhile. Second is that we 'do' have some larger projects on the back burner and it will be nice to have tested out Kickstarter and all it's quirks at least oncebefore we go ahead with one of those :) 

So, while we spend this week uploading images, prepping the page and getting it all approved, here's another quick tease! Those of you in the know will be able to guess the artist too I would think (especially as it's signed!).

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