Sunday, July 17, 2016

Games Workshop: New Warhammer Age of Sigmar Cheap Starter Set Released

Games Workshop: The Storm of Sigmar box is perfect for those who want to try out Age of Sigmar without having to commit to buying a full starter set. You can either Battle the forces of Chaos as the Stormcast eternals, or fight the false gods as the Khorne Bloodbound. 

This perfectly designed set has 13 easy to build miniatures from the Khorne Bloodbound and Eternal Stormcast factions. Including 2 Retributors, 3 Liberators, 3 Blood Warriors and 5 Bloodreavers. All of which are from the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Starter set.

As well as the miniatures you will receive a 32 page booklet in English that contains full rules, 4 exclusive battleplans and a 6 inch ruler printed on the back cover. Also in the box set are 7 dice, a Stormcast Eternal transfer sheet, assembly guides and warscroll cards for all the included miniatures. Please Note: Miniatures supplied are unpainted and some assembly may be required.

Discounted pre-order now launched at Wayland Games for only £16.00! If you have been wondering should I give it a go, you can now do it for a very affordable price. Grab your own set here

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