Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Four a Miniatures: Chaos Dwarf Female Wargames Miniatures Kickstarter

Four a Miniatures: This KS project is to raise the funds to release four Female Chaos Dwarf miniatures.They were sculpted by John Pickford.

This project is to raise the funds to get the Chaos Dwarf sculpts into production.The sculpts have been waiting on a release for a few Years now and it is high time they get to see the light of day. There will be an A and B version of each the miniatures.This way you wont end-up with any spare parts and will have four miniatures to add to your collection.

John Pickford has done an amazing job on these pieces for my little range.Like the previous pieces which i have released by John the idea's and execution of the sculpts are all his idea's.  John went ahead and did two figures for me which are multi-part.Not content with leaving it at that John did alternate pieces which gives you two more figures.They all have so much character to them.

As you can see the pieces are done and if funding passes it will not take long to get them into production.  Griffin moulds have done a great job on past moulds and casting of miniatures for me and they will be doing these pieces for me too.

After seeing the wonderful paint jobs which have been done on the previous Chaos Dwarves by John Pickford i cant wait to see these painted up. Bella should prove to be a very interesting piece to see brought to life once painted. Full Kickstarter here

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