Sunday, July 3, 2016

Element Games: Age of Sigmar Gorechosen Gladiatorial Combat Boardgame Pre-Order

Element Games: Coming soon from Games Workshop is this game of gladiatorial combat between the Champions of Khorne, set in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar setting. 

Are you ready to prove yourself Khorne’s mightiest, most ruthless champion? Gorechosen, out on September 24, gives you the chance! This brand-new boxed game from Games Workshop lets four players slug it out for brutal supremacy in brutal pit fights. The box includes four plastic multi-part Citadel miniatures: the Exalted Deathbringer of Khorne, the Skullgrinder, the Slaughterpriest and the Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer – four iconic champions of Khorne. 

The game itself is a simple, cunning and laugh-out-loud mix of subtle strategy and straightforward brutal combat, and four players can play through a game in about an hour. 24 action cards let your chosen fighter pick from a variety of painful attacks and gambits (our favourite being the humble Shove, should your victim happen to be standing next to one of the fire pits present on the game’s board) while 16 injury cards present, in gruesome detail, the inevitable results of standing in a spiked pit with three other crazed madmen. And the fun doesn’t stop with the fueding – players who have been knocked out can still influence the game thanks to special Fate of the Slain rules. 

Full rules for these fighters are presented on four fighter sheets, and rules for four more (with miniatures available separately from Games Workshop) are included inside the game’s rulebook. 

Are you ready to prove yourself Khorne’s mightiest, most ruthless champion? Lead your Khorne gladiator into fierce combat and earn your title. Check the discounted pre-order here

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