Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Thunderchild Miniatures: New Post Apocalyptic Gnarly Pilgrims - Mutant Monks

Thunderchild Miniatures: Emerging from the mountains, these robed mutant zealots wander the wastes spreading their wares and creed with anyone that would take them. Though they supposedly come in peace, their fealty to ancient Cyclopean gods often grants them a wide birth from weary wastelanders. Well, that and their non-stop, mind-numbing ministry.    

The much anticipated Gnarly pilgrims posse pack and boosters have finally arrived! Not only that, but the existing sets have been re master for better casts! All now contain the new design Gnarly pilgrim stat cards too, perfect for use in your games of Wasteman! Also out this week we have some very bizarre, but equaly powerful wyzards - the Brother Beholder and the Pyromancer! Now re-mastered for better casts and coming complete with new stat cards - the Learned Pilgrims, Pack Mootant, and Pilgrims a' Packin'.


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