Friday, June 17, 2016

Spartan Games: Coming in July - Halo: Ground Command Boxed Set - More Content Added

Spartan Games' the Halo: Ground Command is coming soon and will have more content than earlier announced giving you even more quality product for your money. Read on for more!

Spartan Games finalised the Halo: Ground Command contents and managed to squeeze even more in there, so everybody's really getting great value for money! The final contents now include the following:

Lastly but by no means least, don't forget the mammoth-sized Pelican and Phantom Dropships will also be shipping in July with the Starter Set. Both over 12 feet* long. These multi-part model kits are some of the most complex (and largest) models Spartan Games has ever created, and what better way to start than with iconic models like these from the Halo Universe! *surely meaning inch ...

For those Commanders who take warfare to the next level, Spartan Games has created a Deluxe Token Set, using high-quality, etched acrylic. In addition to the core Activation, Cooldown and Damage Tokens, also included are Objective, Aerial Entry and Exit Tokens. In the set players will also find two superb 'Shadow' Templates that allow players to easily represent a UNSC Pelican and Covenant Phantom Dropship on the tabletop.

Still available for pre-order through Spartan Games and Wayland Games to name some options which offer this exciting new Halo: Ground Command - The Battle for Reach miniature wargame.

More information and pictures of the new Halo: Ground Command - The Battle for Reach miniatures can be found in our Halo posts posted during the London wargame convention Salute 2016 here

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