Saturday, June 11, 2016

Northstar Miniatures: Plastic Frostgrave Forgotten Pacts Barbarians

Northstar Miniatures recently previewed a picture showing two Frostgrave barbarians for their upcoming Forgotten Pacts plastic boxed set. 

Sadly they removed the picture before I could grab it! To be released in November 2016. They were proper northern barbarians fully equiped with cold weather clothing unlike the bulk of bare chest barbarians already plentiful available from every self-respecting fantasy miniature manufacturer! Will see if I can find the picture and if so I will certainly post it here as did look good!

In the meanwhile you can still check out the ongoing Frostgrave Gnickstarter pre-order for the launch of the Frostgrave Into The Breeding Pits expansion along with plastic gnoll warriors and metal characters! Check the Gnickstarter here as free Giant Rats and Hyena's have already been unlocked.


myincubliss said...

Curses, I want to see those figures so badly! As soon as the rumours about them started thinking I began wondering if they'd be any good for making wildlings for my Game of Thrones project!

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

When I saw them my first though was proper wildlings in cold weather gear for Game of Thrones! So I think you will be happy to see these and in plastic!

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